Quality Inspection

To support quality inspections in daily operation we have developed software that supports
flexible quality inspection, based on deep learning technology.

Affordable and Flexible

Compared to common computer vision solutions our systems provides more flexibility at a lower cost. To assure smooth integration in your business processes and for custom-made solutions we provide full project support.

Machine Learning

Our solution is based on learning from examples and augmented reality. Before taking new inspections into operation, the neural networks have to be trained. This can be done on premises on the hardware we provide with our solutions, but we can also run this for you on our systems on a service base.

We offer expansive support in quality inspection. Though we make use of more conventional vision solutions, our main solutions are based on deep learning. In practice this means the system will learn from examples (eg. images of good/vs bad products). By doing so, we reduce engineering time and quality inspection cost per product significantly.

Examples of applications are:

We offer complete solutions and if needed, including project management, prototyping and testing. Our quality inspection systems can be integrated with robots/cobots, performance cockpits and data logging.

This video shows our standard flexible quality inspection solution. Other camera’s and lenses can be provided,
just as in process applications.