Object Localization

Object localization (recognition) is key in numerous business applications. Amongst them are the identification of objects that have to be picked by a robot system or localization of persons on a terrain. CoPo2 created software that is fit for localization of objects in video’s or images.

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Flexible solutions for your business need

Depending on your business need we either advise our flexible soft- and hardware for regular localization problems (like part picking in manufacturing) or project based solutions for unique custom build applications like counting people in crowds or locating persons on a bridge.

Our solutions can be used in stand-alone situations, but also in-line. Next to object localization itself we also support full integration in your operational process on a project base.

In many operational applications it is not only important to detect an object in an image, but also to locate the object in the image and identify it’s orientation. Applications can differ a lot. In manufacturing the task can be to locate an object that has to be picked by a robot, while in marine traffic surveillance the task could be to locate vessels in a harbour.

In several occasions we are able to solve problems with standard solutions, while in even so many other occasions we build customised solutions for our customer that integrate with their operational systems.

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The solutions we offer are low-cost and flexible in use. As we make use of neural networks, new objects can be trained and localized easily, guided by our software.

Depending on your needs we deliver fully operational solutions with software, camera and processing power.